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WWDC 2016: The 10 biggest announcements from Apple

Apple kickstarted its World Wide Developers Conference - WWDC 2016 - on Tuesday with some major announcements.

WWDC 2016: The 10 biggest announcements from Apple

After the recent fall in sales, the WWDC is seen as an important event for Apple. Here's a quick recap of the 10 biggest announcements at WWDC 2016.

Siri opens up to app developers

The biggest highlight of the WWDC was improvements to Siri, which is now open to third-party developers and app integration. It will allow third-party developers to directly plug-in their services into the interface.

Apple Pay on web

Apple also announced that Apple Pay is coming to Safari. Now you will be able to make payments using Apple Pay on the browser. You will need TouchID for authentication, which will be either through Apple watch or your phone.

iOS 10

iOS 10 is seen by many as the biggest change to iOS since it got a new lick of paint with iOS 7. Apple has made maximum changes under the hood though. The Developer Preview is available right now to developers.


Apple claims the new watchOS 3 will allow apps to load seven times faster and that navigation will be smoother. A new Control Center and the side button can be used to access the dock, which will allow for easier scrolling through apps.

Apple Home

Apple Home allows the users to tweak their home and everything connected to it, be it your smartphone, tablet or watch. Apple also adds Siri integration with voice commands. Siri can turn a HomeKit-powered home into evening mode when necessary, or simply turn most things off when you say "Good Night".

iOS 10 HomeKit Home app

Apple had launched Apple News last year and it will get a facelift. It is expected that Apple News would get breaking news notifications and subscriptions in iOS 10.


Apple has changed the OS X name macOS. The new iteration of the OS, macOS Sierra, focuses on Continuity, iCloud and other fundamentals of the Mac experience. It comes with a new feature called Auto Unlock.


Apple's some significant things in store for tvOS. Firstly, Dish's Sling is announced for tvOS while Fox Sports will also come in the near future. It now claims that over 1,300 video channels and more than 6,000 apps are supported. Apple is also planning a new TV remote app with functions seen in the Apple TV remote.

Swift Playgrounds

Apple on Tuesday released a new app named Swift Playgrounds. It teaches kids basic coding skills in
Apple's chosen language, SWIFT. The app teaches basic programming concepts.


Apple has opened up the Messages to developers, but it also takes a few pages from Telegram and WhatsApp by integrating larger emojis, support for stickers and labels and words that can transform into emojis.