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Twilio IPO raises $150 million, 50% more than expectation

Twilio on Wednesday expressed hope that it will be able to raise more than it expected in its initial public offering (IPO) scheduled for Thursday morning.

Twilio IPO raises $150 million, 50% more than expectation

This is a very good news for several technology companies or "unicorns" like Twilio, that have been valued at more than $1 billion in private fundraising.

"But be careful to measure the IPO market against one datapoint [Twilio's IPO] because the statistical error is 100%," warned Sven Weber, Sharepost's president, speaking earlier this week at the 500 Startups PreMoney conference in San Francisco.

"If the Twilio IPO goes well than everybody will say the drought is over and the companies will lineup. But if it goes bad, than you'll see the opposite reaction."

According to Dealogic, despite ending at year's third technology IPO, after Dell's cybersecurity arm SecureWorks raised $112 million last April and the $46 million raised by China OnlineEducation Group earlier this month, 2016 is not going to be good year for technology IPOs in terms of numbers of deals.