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Teens who have tried vaping more likely to try conventional cigarettes

A new study has found that teens who have tried vaping or electronic cigarettes are six times more likely to try conventional cigarettes within two years than those who have not tried electronic cigarettes even once in their life.

Teens who have tried vaping more likely to try conventional cigarettes

Lead researcher Jessica Barrington-Trimis from University of Southern California said that the teens who have tried e-cigarettes are more exposed to the risk of trying other types of tobacco products that could be more dangerous for health.

For the study, the researchers surveyed around 300 high school students in southern California. In 2014, around half of the students admitted of treated an e-cigarette.

The follow-up study was carried out in 2015 and it showed that around 40% of those who have tried e-cigarette in 2014 had tried regular cigarettes. The researchers even looked at factors like gender, ethnicity, grade and parental education.

According to a report in 2MinuteMedicine News by Mikhaela Monty, "E-cigarettes have enjoyed a fast-growing market share, with adolescent use increasing rapidly over the past few years. Studies show that greater than 40% of e-cigarette users have never smoked a typical cigarette. This study is the first to explore whether e-cigarette use is associated with increased cigarette use among adolescents over a time period in which they become of legal age to purchase cigarettes. Participants were 11th and 12th grade students in Southern California, who answered survey questions about e-cigarette, cigarette, and other combustible tobacco use, as well as peer use, and intention to try cigarettes."

At follow-up, all participants were over the legal age for purchasing cigarettes and were asked about cigarette use.