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Selma Blair removed from flight after mid-air outburst

Hollywood actor Selma Blair had to be removed from a plane on Monday following a mid-air outburst.

Selma Blair removed from flight after mid-air outburst

Blair, 43, was forcibly ushered off her Delta plane by paramedics when it touched down in Los Angeles after the actress started showing some concerning behaviour.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said: "We responded to a call at 14:54 for an individual who was sick on a plane."

Blair was travelling with her four-year-old son Arthur. She alarmed staff on board when she allegedly began screaming, "He burns my private parts. He won't let me eat or drink ... He's going to kill me."
It's not known who Blair was referring to in her rant but witnesses claimed she mixed a pill into her glass of wine before her outburst.

A source told People: "She was met by paramedics at LAX as soon as her plane arrived. It looks like she had taken a combination of prescription medication with alcohol. We don't know what sort of prescription medications."

Selma was taken off the plane on a stretcher after she landed and admitted to a hospital.