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Pro soccer game to be played in Idaho

Idaho will host a professional soccer game on Saturday night in Meridian.

Pro soccer game to be played in Idaho

The regular season game between the Portland Timbers 2 and the Swope Park Rangers involves a local stand-out. It will be played at Rocky Mountain High School.

Soccer fans in Idaho are set to enjoy the game as they will get a taste of professional sports, and
unlike the international exhibition last summer at Boise State, this time the game counts.

The Timbers prepared for the match against the Rangers by running through an hour-long training today to prepare for their first-ever match in Idaho.

"I would expect it to be a nice crowd tomorrow, an energetic crowd, lots of young kids - and I think that is important to help continue the growth of the game," said Timbers head coach Andrew Gregor.

The Timbers partnered with the Idaho Youth Soccer Association to help grow the game in the Gem State.

"I think it would be great for a franchise to come here," said Gregor.