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Police seeks public's help in solving cold case murder

Nearly 30 years have passed and police are still seeking public's help in tracking down the suspect in a 1986 stabbing.

Police seeks public's help in solving cold case murder

Law enforcement knows that Jose Ballardo, a 5'5", 51-year-old man, is the suspect but they don't know where Ballardo is.

"It still hurts 30 years later," Canyon County Sheriff Victim Witness Coordinator Aleshea L. Boals said.

Casey Lenon said that she can never forget that July day in 1986 when her son was brutally stabbed to death.

"The hope that she has is that we can locate the suspect and hopefully bring him back to Idaho so that he can face this family and hear the hurt he has put them through," Boals added.

Wilder Police Chief Dusty Tveidt says they are not going to give up. "We want to bring that person to justice," he told KTVB. "We want to give that to the victim and the victim's family."

Officials say it can be one person, one phone call that will help in cracking the case.
"Our community is still talking about it, wondering where the person is and when the family will be able to put closure on it," Wilder resident Alice Reyes said.