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Pelicans guard Dejean-Jones shot dead in Dallas

Police on Saturday confirmed that New Orleans Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones was fatally shot after breaking down the door of an apartment in Dallas.

Pelicans guard Dejean-Jones shot dead in Dallas

Dallas Police Senior Cpl. DeMarquis Black said in a statement that a man inside the apartment was sleeping when he heard his front door kicked open. When Dejean-Jones started kicking at the bedroom door, the man fired at him using a handgun.

Dejean-Jones was found collapsed in an outdoor passageway by the officers. He he died at a hospital. He was 23. "We are devastated at the loss of this young man's life," the Pelicans said in a statement.

Dejean-Jones' agent said that he was visiting his girlfriend for his daughter's first birthday on Saturday. Agent Scott W. Nichols added the girlfriend returned to the apartment first while Dejean-Jones went for a walk.

Dejean-Jones girlfriend lives on the fourth floor but he went to the third. "He went to the wrong apartment unfortunately and I think he thought his girlfriend locked him out, so he was knocking on the door, banging on the door, it's locked," Nichols said. "So one thing led to another."

"I just lost my best friend/cousin last night enjoy life because you never know if tomorrow is guaranteed," Shabazz Muhammad of the Minnesota Timberwolves wrote on Twitter.