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Obama aims to close the gun show loophole

President Barack Obama is set to issue new executive orders related to curbing gun violence on Tuesday and it is certain that Obama will focus on cracking down on all gun transactions.

Obama aims to close the gun show loophole

Obama is in his final year of presidency and it seems that he is intentionally picking a fight with Congress over gun control. Obama's move has outraged the Republicans who run the House and Senate and the GOP presidential candidates.

"There is perhaps no issue in our divided politics that has frustrated President Obama more than our nation's gun violence," White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said on a briefing call with reporters on Monday afternoon.

The White House will today "clarify" that if anyone will sell firearms as a business, the seller will need to get a license and run background checks on customers.

Obama's aim is do away with the excuses people use to hide the fact that they are gun sellers. Under the new executive action, a person could be considered a gun dealer even if they sell as few as two firearms over a period of time. The feds will not "identify a magic number of weapons that makes you engaged in the gun business."

Attorney General Loretta Lynch put it this way when it comes to gun sales: It's not "where you are located," on the Web, a store or a gun show - it's 'what you are doing."

On Monday, Obama held meeting with Democratic lawmakers at the White House, including Illinois' Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Robin Kelly to discuss his upcoming executive orders on guns.