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No Man's Sky gets a new delayed release date

The fans of PlayStation 4 and PC gaming were left disappointed this weekend after it was officially confirmed that No Man's Sky has been delayed. But would-be space travelers have no reason to feel worried as they won't be asked to wait too much longer before finally diving into the great unknown.

No Man's Sky gets a new delayed release date

The game was originally set to launch on June 21 but it was announced this weekend that No Man's Sky is officially being delayed by about seven weeks and it will not release before August 9.

That's the North American launch date as in Europe it will be launched on August 10. In the UK, the game will be will launched on August 12. The fans have been waiting for the release of No Man's Sky since it was first shown off a couple of years ago at E3.

According to Sean Murray, the game is basically complete. He added that since the final deadlines are approaching it was found by team that some key moments that needed "extra polish."