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Nampa man arrested after hit-and-run crash

A man who allegedly struck a Boise police car during a pursuit on June 22 has been arrested in Nampa. The man was arrested after a hit-and-run crash early Saturday morning.

Nampa man arrested after hit-and-run crash

The officers said the crash was reported just before 5:30 a.m. As the Officers were investigating the hit and run near Northwest Nazarene University, they spotted the vehicle of the suspect and he tried to escape.

During a short pursuit, the 36-year-old suspect Jeremiah Newell tried to ram several police cars. After the police arrested Newell, they discovered he was driving a stolen vehicle. The man had stolen the vehicle from Nampa on Friday.

Newell was booked into the Canyon County jail after being treated for injuries. Newell has been charged with felony aggravated battery on police officer, 2 counts of felony aggravated assault on police officer, felony grand theft by possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of a property damage crash, and Boise Police robbery warrant.