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NASA's new electric plane may end gas-guzzling airliners

Scientists at NASA are busy developing a fully electric plane - X-57, or "Maxwell".

NASA's new electric plane may end gas-guzzling airliners

According to NASA, Maxwell - a single seater plane - could be on the runway within four years. Mawell looks quite similar to a Cessna and it uses electric propulsion rather than burning fuel. The craft would have 14 electric motors in total, dotted on the wings.

Maxwell is part of NASA's $790 million "New Aviation Horizons" initiative, which is actually a 10-year program to see the replacement of the roaring, gas-guzzling commercial jetliners which is in use today.

At a conference in Washington on Friday, Charles F. Bolden Jr, the NASA administrator, said, "the X-57 will take the first giant step in opening a new era of aviation."

It is to be noted that Maxwell is still a prototype but earlier this year, NASA researchers achieved success on a much smaller scale, when they tested a small electric-powered plane called the Greased Lightning GL-10.

A YouTube video of remotely-controlled inaugural flight of Greased Lightning has been viewed more than a million times.