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NASA releases Hubble Space Telescope's new photos of 'cloudy' Mars

During the Mars Opposition, the Earth and Mars will orbit near each other and this rare event is a good opportunity for the scientists to get high definition photographs of Mars.

NASA releases Hubble Space Telescope's new photos of 'cloudy' Mars

But just a day before the opposition, NASA released new stunning photos of Mars with visible clouds around it. Hubble Space Telescope had clicked the photos as the planet approached the Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope is now focused only on Mars. Later today, Mars is going to be closest to Earth in a phenomenon called Mars opposition. It is this approach which allowed Hubble telescope to capture stunning photographs of Mars. In the photos, you can see clouds sprawled throughout Mars. The frozen polar caps are also visible while the surface of the red planet generally appears to be in dark rusty red hue.

The photos also show some parts of the red planet like the Syrtis Major Planitia and the Christiaan Huygens. According to NASA, the red planet was 50 million miles from Earth when the photo was taken. The California-based space agency said the Hellas Planitia basin, a crater made by an asteroid impact 3.5 billion years ago was also visible.

Until May 30 Mars will be closest to Earth at about 46 million miles away and the planet will be visible to the naked eye as a bright red speck of light in the sky. Just look southeast after the end of twilight and you can't miss it," said Alan MacRobert of Sky & Telescope in a statement.