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Missing toddler's parents talk to People magazine

The parents of missing toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr of Lemhi County have talked to People Magazine.

Missing toddler's parents talk to People magazine

In a preview of the article online, the boy's parents, who are also named suspects in his disappearance -- recount the day their two-year-old child went missing.

The toddler disappeared nearly a year ago from a campground near Leadore, Idaho. People Magazine's reporter came to Idaho in February to sit down with Vernal Kunz, Jessica Mitchell and their attorney.

"DeOrr's father clutched a stuffed animal that belonged to DeOrr throughout the interview, and his mother, who a lot of people have raised an eyebrow at, stayed silent most of the time, but whenever she spoke it was heartbreaking what she would tell me," said reporter Elaine Aradillas.