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Middleton couple accuse city police officers of stalking, harassment

A Middleton couple has filed a $500,000 tort claim against the city, accusing officers of the Middleton Police Department of misconduct.

Middleton couple accuse city police officers of stalking, harassment

The tort was filed by the couple's lawyer July 6, claiming that Sgt. Steve Walker and Officer Robert Kightlinger engaged in "unethical, predatory, criminal and/or exploitative behavior."

Both Walker and Kightlinger have resigned from the department Monday. Both men had been placed on administrative leave in May.

According to the couple's tort claim, the harassment started in January 2016, when the husband was arrested on charges of domestic battery and disturbing the peace. The man pleaded guilty in May to a reduced charge of battery and disturbing the peace.

Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor said Walker and Kightlinger did not respond to the domestic violence call, and Idaho State Police's investigation into the officers focused on whether they misused information in their possession.

Taylor said that the officers' actions were found to be inconsistent with city policy.

In the tort, officers with the Middleton Police Department have been accused of "harassment, stalking, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, destruction of evidence, computer crime, intimidation of a witness, unlawful imprisonment, malicious prosecution, falsifying evidence, bribing a witness, using public position for personal gain, wiretapping and criminal conspiracy."