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JPSO deputy killing was a 'cold-blooded murder': sheriff

Sheriff Newell Normand told reporters on Wednesday night that 19-year-old Jerman Neveaux was resisting a body search when he fatally shot Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputy David Michel Jr.

JPSO deputy killing was a 'cold-blooded murder': sheriff

Normand added that Neveaux was out on probation after recently pleading guilty in New Orleans to misdemeanor possession of stolen property and he reportedly told authorities he didn't want to go behind bars for having a gun, Normand said. "So he killed a deputy," said the sheriff. "What do you say about that?"

Neveaux was stopped by Michel around 12:21 p.m. near Manhattan Boulevard and Ascot Road after seeing Neveaux closely following another man, Normand said. He added that JPSO investigators then talked to the other man and his girlfriend, who the man spoke to on the phone as Neveaux followed him.

At this time, Michel intervened and asked the other man to leave. He then attempted to search Neveaux from behind against the car, Normand said. But Neveaux "immediately flipped around and went chest to chest" with Michel, reached over the back of Michel and fired a shot into the clavicle area. They both began to fall, Normand said, adding that Michel landed on his chest.

"As (Michel) was going down, Neveaux was going down with the gun and fired two shots in his back," Normand said, adding that it was "a cold-blooded murder."