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Incipio acquires headphone maker Skullcandy

Incipio is one company which is quietly emerging as an accessory powerhouse.

Incipio acquires headphone maker Skullcandy

The company is now the proud owner of brands like Braven and Incase.

Incipio is now even getting bigger as it has agreed to pay $177 million to acquire Skullcandy, best known for its headphones.

With this deal, the company will get a dedicated headphone brand and will also get a chance to enter the gaming gear sector thanks to Skullcandy's Astro Gaming badge.

According to Incipio, the Skullcandy brand will remain in the future and it will retain much of its identity.

But it is quite possible that the deal may lead to devices that Skullcandy wouldn't have otherwise made on its own.