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Google's Waze helps in steering difficult intersections

Alphabet Inc Google has upgraded its mapping and navigation app in order to help drivers in Los Angeles to navigate tricky intersections easily. Now, the Waze will help in solving the Left-hand turns which often becomes a safety hazard when the traffic light is absent.

Google's Waze helps in steering difficult intersections

Waze will allow many drivers not to make hectic left turns from tiny streets to join multi-lane arteries. Speaking about the app, its spokeswoman Julie Mossler said no one will now be required to take additional longer routes unless they want to put themselves in more trouble.

It is learned that the main aim of the app is to reduce the amount taken on intersections, but in some instances the Waze can increase some drives too. But this app is going to prove very useful in the calculation of the best possible route.

The app has been created in conjunction of the local Angelenos particularly the map editors after presenting a list of intersections that were presumed to be the most difficult to navigate in Los Angeles.

Apart from the Los Angeles City, another 18 countries are also benefiting from it, including France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, and Colombia.