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Google improves mobile search with 'rich cards'

Google has launched a new format for Search: rich cards in order to make the use of Google while conducting searches on your mobile a better visual experience.

Google improves mobile search with 'rich cards'

The new rich cards search format will showcase the visual results in a card-like format, like a carousel. The users will be allowed to scroll through the cards.

The rich cards feature was introduced on May 17. The main aim of the company is to enhancing the Search experience on the mobile platform. This format is also going to further develop the existing rich snippets format from the company.

"Rich cards are a new Search result format building on the success of rich snippets. Just like rich snippets, rich cards use schema.org structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format, with a focus on providing a better mobile user experience," notes Googles.

The search results are shown in the movable carousel format horizontally and you can scroll the results left or right. The users can also scroll up to see more carousels. Each carousel can have cards for a particular site or several sites.

Initially, Google is pushing out rich cards for two categories of content, namely movies and recipes.