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Fishermen saw car carrying two plunge into river

Rescuers are yet to recover the bodies of two young Nampa women who got drowned after their car crashed into the Salmon River Tuesday.

Fishermen saw car carrying two plunge into river

Sheriff Doug Giddings said deputies have failed to locate the vehicle in which 20-year-old Cayla Danenberg and 21-year-old Tiffany Maupin were travelling when the accident happened on US 95 near Lucile.

Giddings added that two fishermen saw the car leave the road, flip, and land in the river, but were unable to reach the vehicle. The high, fast water and dangerous conditions have hampered the search operations.

Giddings said that the identities of the victims were known because the car's bumper and license plate were torn off in the crash. The license plate was used by investigators to find out who owned the car.

It also helped them find out that Danenberg and Maupin were traveling toward the University of Idaho together. The women, who attended Columbia High in Nampa together, were roommates in Moscow.