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Family survives Nampa house fire, loses home

A Nampa family of four escaped unhurt after a fire in the early hours of Monday morning.

Family survives Nampa house fire, loses home

The fire was reported around 12:15 Monday morning, said Nampa Fire Department. When crews rwached the scene they found the garage fully engulfed in flames and a car inside it was on fire.

Nampa Fire said a woman smelled smoke and woke up her children. The family ran out, but the husband suffered smoke inhalation and some burns on his hands. He was treated at the scene.

Fire investigators are still investigating the cause and say fireworks could be the reason.

Battalion Chief Todd Banta said, "The only thing that they know of that could have been warm in the garage were fireworks they had in a five-gallon bucket."

According to Nampa Fire garage is a total loss, and the rest of the home has smoke damage.