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Dust storms on Mars observed from data of six Martian years

NASA scientists have already proved that weather patterns exist on Mars and some other studies suggest that Mars' surface had witnessed and frozen dunes. Some also suggest the existence of iron and calcium rich carbonates beneath the surface of Mars.

Dust storms on Mars observed from data of six Martian years

NASA recently suggested that dust storms occur in the atmosphere of the red planet. The scientists said that Mars is quite windy in real life as well.

The temperature of Mars was recorded by Mars orbiters or six Martian years and once compared the data revealed three types of dust storms, which usually occurs in spring and summer.

"When we look at the temperature structure instead of the visible dust, we finally see some regularity in the large dust storms," said David Kass of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a press release.
The findings of the study were published in the journal of Geophysical Research Letters.

"Recognizing a pattern in the occurrence of regional dust storms is a step toward understanding the fundamental atmospheric properties controlling them," Kass said in a statement published by Daily Mail.

The researchers derived the findings from analyzing the data beamed back by Mars orbiters including the Mars Climate Sounder aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Thermal Emission Spectrometer on Mars Global Surveyor.