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Consumers must report faulty tobacco products to FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asked the consumers to report about faulty water pipe, e-cigarette, hookah or smokeless tobacco.

Consumers must report faulty tobacco products to FDA

You can report about problems related to these or any other tobacco products by using agency's online Safety Reporting Portal.

"There is no known safe tobacco product, but FDA can play a role in helping prevent certain unexpected health consequences," said Dr. Ii-Lun Chen, of the agency's Center for Tobacco Products.

The FDA has encouraged consumers to report problems such as: cigarettes containing mold or foreign objects; a tobacco product that smells or tastes wrong; mislabeling; fires or burns caused by tobacco products, and unexpected health problems.

These health issues might include accidental exposure of children to tobacco products; unusual reactions in long-time users, or allergic reactions or poisonings.

"FDA wants to prevent certain unexpected health consequences that could occur from defective tobacco products, as well as health or safety problems beyond those typically associated with tobacco product use," Chen said in an FDA news release.