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Coke debuts its 'proud to be an American' cans

Soda company Coke has released the new "I'm proud to be an American" limited edition red, white and blue cans in honor of the members of the military. The cans feature the American flag in their design.

Coke debuts its 'proud to be an American' cans

The news cans are rolled out by Coca-Cola to celebrate its 75-year partnership with the United Service Organizations. The cans and packs will be available in stores across the country till July 4. The song lyric and patriotic design will be on 16-ounce cans as well as 12-ounce cans that come in 20, 24 and 35-packs.

Coca-Cola is the latest company to adopt USA-themed packaging. Anheuser-Busch even changed the name of "Budweiser" to "America" - the name change will remain till the November presidential election.

The cans also promote the joint "Campaign to Connect," which is being sponsored by Coca-Cola and the USO. The aim of the campaign is to get Americans to send one million messages of support to members of the armed forces. Messages can be sent using the website of the campaign. A special celebration of Coke's partnership with the USO begins at NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 race this weekend.