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Cavaliers beat Warriors as Steph Curry continues to struggle

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 120-90 on Wednesday.

Cavaliers beat Warriors as Steph Curry continues to struggle

With this win, the NBA finals which once looked to belong to Golden State have tightened into a series, as the Cavs have succeeded in cutting the Golden State's lead to 2-1.

For the Cavs, LeBron James had 32 points, Kyrie Irving 30 and JR Smith 20 in a match which was completed dominated by the Cavs. But the statistical line that will grab more news space is that of Curry, who has won the NBA's last two MVP awards. He scored 19 points but most of them came after the game had been decided. Curry finished with more fouls (four) than assists (three). He looked a bit distracted throughout the match.

It is to be noted that Curry struggled against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals and has failed to perform well in the finals so far. Curry's lackluster show has sparked several questions. For his part, the star rear guard said that his knee s not an impediment. The Cavaliers were physical with Curry and reports kept on repeating that he is only about 70% healthy - but his disappearance in Game 3 was surprising.

Cleveland looked desperate for a win and they wanted to avoid a 3-0 scoreline. They started the game with a ferocity not seen in the previous two. Defensively, they kept Curry and Klay Thompson under check and it helped them a lot. "You have to throw the first punch (down 0-2) and we did that tonight," JR Smith said after the game.