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Bones may be those of missing trail hiker Largay

The authorities in Maine were confounded about the whereabouts of Geraldine "Gerry" Largay for the past two years. 66-year-old Largay was an experienced hiker from Brentwood, Tennessee, disappeared while trekking the Appalachian Trail in July 2013.

Bones may be those of missing trail hiker Largay

The search to locate her involved hundreds of people but not a single clue was found but on

Wednesday a surveyor discovered bones, clothing and gear just over a half mile from the trail.
The Maine Warden Service "feels confident" the remains found near Redington Township are those of Largay, officials said Friday.

A medical examiner will determine how she died. Authorities said they don't think Largay was killed.
It's a happy-sad day," Lt. Kevin Adam of the warden service said, according to CNN affiliate WABI. "We're glad that we found her, but it's also a sad day for the family to come to realization that a loved one is deceased."

Now the question is how did Largay end up so far off the trail? Largay started her journey in April 2013 at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

She was last seen on July 22 when she planned to hike 8 miles north that day and then continue the next day to a point where the trail crossed a road.

According to authorities, Largay left the trail near a Navy survival school. The search for her was made more difficult because it rained heavily on July 23.

Adam said that she should have been aware of the fact that she was on prohibited land. It was marked. "I don't know how she got there. I don't know why she's there," WABI reported he said.

"Hopefully, with some of the stuff we've found, her belongings, maybe that will give us some indication once we look at that."