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Boise to get new mental health crisis centers

Millions of dollars are spent by Idaho taxpayers each year in hospital and jail costs to take care of some of the most vulnerable people of the state.

Boise to get new mental health crisis centers

Those suffering from a behavioral or mental health crisis often find it tough to go to any other place in the Treasure Valley. But, state lawmakers have approved funding this year with an aim to change that.

Over the past few years, two round-the-clock crisis centers have opened. One is located in Idaho Falls and the other is in Coeur d'Alene. Two more centers are likley to come up in the near future. One in Twin Falls and another in Boise.

At St Luke's downtown, security director C.P. "Abbey" Abbondandolo says the try their best to help those who find themselves in a desperate situation. "This is a daily occurrence for us here with multiple patients that have those sorts of needs," said Abbondandolo.

Abbondandolo, however, added that hospitals are not the best place for people suffering from a mental health crisis, depression, or substance abuse.

"It is a drain on resources there is no question about it and I think with the creation of a center here in Boise it will help both St. Al's and St. Luke's with this need, because this is something that affects our neighbors, our family, our friends," said Abbondandolo.