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Boise native accused of switching syringes tests positive for HIV

The surgical tech who led to the blood disease testing of thousands of patients has tested positive for HIV and negative for Hepatitis B and C.

Boise native accused of switching syringes tests positive for HIV

The results of blood testing of Boise native Rocky Allen were announced by the US Attorney in Colorado on Wednesday, adding that "to date there have been no reported cases of transmission of HIV" or any other blood diseases.

Allen is facing federal charges after he was caught stealing the highly addictive drug fentanyl from Swedish Medical Center of Colorado. Investigators say that it is likely that Allen may have switched needles he used to inject the drug with needles used in operating rooms on patients.

Swedish said that it will do free blood testing for approximately 3,000 patients potentially affected by the incident. About 2,500 have taken advantage of the testing but 500 who were initially tested have failed to follow up on the recommended additional testing.

"We have made multiple attempts to reach every patient," Nicole Williams with Swedish Medical Center said. "Our efforts have met and even exceeded expectations from regulatory agencies. Our actions have been out of an abundance of caution for our public and we do hope everyone will get tested."

The US Attorney has urged the remaining 500 patients who haven't taken the follow up free blood test to do so. "We have no evidence of transmission of any infection as a result of the criminal actions of Rocky Allen," Williams said. "We encourage every patient who learned about having hepatitis through this testing to follow up with his or her doctor about treatment options."