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Birth of baby 'dragons' in Slovenian cave

Biologists are closely monitoring the birth of baby 'dragon' inside an ancient cave in Slovenia.

Birth of baby 'dragons' in Slovenian cave

The biologists are keeping an eye on the development for the past four months. They are watching a clutch of "dragon" eggs at the Postojna Cave in southwestern Slovenia.

It is to be noted that the birth of an olm outside of a lab has not been witnessed by anyone until Wednesday, when two baby olms emerged from their eggs inside the cave.

"Our first dragon literally shot itself out of the egg in a single attempt," Postojna Cave Park, which operates the cave, said Wednesday in a press release.

Biologists caught the remarkable birth on an infrared camera, which they have been using to keep close tabs on the eggs throughout their incubation.

"We took care of the eggs non-stop, observing them, connecting scientific findings with our own experience.... We had to take decisions nobody had taken before. Everything was new," Postojna Cave Park said in the announcement.

The salamander laid 64 eggs, out of which only 23 appear to be viable. The first two hatched on Wednesday at Postojna Cave in southwestern Slovenia.