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Baghdad attacks kill at least 71

At least 71 people died and several got injured in attacks including suicide bombings in Baghdad on Tuesday. This is the second such major attack in the Iraqi capital.

Baghdad attacks kill at least 71

Over 150 people have died in Baghdad in the last seven days, which sends a clear message that there are significant flaws in Baghdad security procedures.

The deadliest attack hit the Sadr City where an explosives-rigged vehicle was detonated by a suicide bomber, killing at least 24 people, security and medical officials said. IS has claimed responsibility for the attack, confirming that it was carried out by a suicide bomber who detonated a car bomb.

Another suicide bomber hit the Shaab area, also in northern Baghdad, killing at least 21 people. Interior ministry spokesman Saad Maan said the attack in Shaab area was carried out by a female suicide bomber. But the IS released a statement claiming the attack was carried out by man named Abu Khattab al-Iraqi. The terror outfit added that the assailant hurled hand grenades and then detonated a suicide belt. The third attack took place in the Rashid area of southern Baghdad killed at least three people.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the arrest of the security official responsible for the Shaab area. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack in Rashid so far.

Iraq is currently facing a political crisis that has made things tougher for the government. Iraqi security officials say the political instability is hampering the fight against IS. Analysts, however, maintain that the IS is launching the attacks at this time in order to further delegitimize the Iraqi government.