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Arizona woman's 'missing' kids found safe in Idaho

There was good news on Friday for an Arizona mother hours after she had pleaded for help saying her two children disappeared this week during a trip to Idaho as Idaho State Police said they were found safe in the Gem State.

Arizona woman's 'missing' kids found safe in Idaho

9-year-old Andre Allen, 11-year-old Amaya Allen and their father Cassius Allen had been missing for days.

But they were all found in the desert in Lincoln County on Friday, ISP spokesperson Teresa Baker said.

Baker added that ISP had been told they were just lost.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the Blaine County Sheriff's Office had been looking for them since Wednesday.

Police said when found the kids and their dad had some minor injuries, and were severely dehydrated and hungry.

They were at the North Canyon Medical Facility in Gooding on Friday night.