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Arizona moves closer to CWS title with Game 1 win

The College World Series is more about history than anything else. After nearly seven decades of ballgames, the official record book of College World Series is thicker than an old family bible.

Arizona moves closer to CWS title with Game 1 win

The record book is filled with names and tales that, to the college baseball community, are considered the scripture of the sport. Even the most casual CWS observers know about the achievements of USC, Texas, LSU, Miami and Arizona State.

They might not think that the other school from the Grand Canyon State, that state's namesake university, has also played an important role in writing a huge part of that history.

The Arizona Wildcats have spent the last week and a half moving up the charts in every statistical category from CWS games won to all-time winning percentage. Now they need just one win to join archrival Arizona State as a five-time College World Series champion.

"I preach all the time to kids to appreciate the history of this program," explained head coach Jay Johnson, in his first year at the wheel of that program. "Every win for us is a chance to write another page of that history."

In the opening game of the best-of-three finals against Coastal Carolina on Monday, Arizona's hands were guided by an historic pitching performance, a masterpiece that proved to be the difference.

"[JC] Cloney was very good," Coastal Carolina coach Gary Gilmore admitted after the 3-0 loss, throwing his hands up as he talked about it. "He was moving the ball both sides of the plate, throwing cuts, breaking balls, you name it ... and locating. I don't think we hit a ball square the whole entire first six innings."