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Apple revamps App Store; may still fail to convince developers

Apple on Wednesday unveiled several much-awaited improvements to its App Store on Wednesday, but it is unlikely that the new features will placate those developers and analysts who say that the App Store model has already seen its best.

Apple revamps App Store; may still fail to convince developers

Developers will be able to use the revamped App Store to advertise their wares in search results and give developers a bigger cut of revenues on subscription apps. Apple has already dramatically sped up its app-approval process.

Apple's goal is to sustain the cycle which is at the heart of the hugely lucrative iPhone business. The apps for iPhone are made by software developers because its customers are willing to pay, and those customers also pay a premium for the device because it has the best apps.

App store is now very important for Apple as sales of the iPhone begin to level off and the company looks to software and services to fill the gap. On a recent conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the revenues of App Store gained 35 percent over last year.

It would not be wrong to say that the App store has also bore the brunt of its own success. Eight years after its launch, it is packed with more than 1.9 million apps, analytics firm App Annie said.

"The app space has grown out of control," said Vint Cerf, one of the inventors of the internet and now a vice president at Alphabet Inc's Google, who was speaking at a San Francisco conference on the future of the web on Wednesday. "We need to move away from having an individual app for every individual thing you want to do."